Monday, June 7, 2010

long tall Gleesons

I'm tall for a woman (I'm 5'10", or 178 cm) and Sean is 5'9" (175 cm). Our kids are all normal to tall, but some of them are very tall. Among the girls, Gloria is the 99th percentile for height and is predicted to be 5'10"-5'11". Faith is very tall right now but will likely end up about 5'8". Trixie is slated for 5'9". Abby is supposed to be the shortest, at around 5'6" (168 cm).

The boys. Bede is predicted to be 6'1" (185 cm), and Gilbert is the beanpole, likely to be 6'2"-6'3" (190 cm).

It was fun to predict these!

[Kid's Height Predictor](
[Child Height Predictor](