Monday, November 12, 2012

tough day

Agitation and ire today for reasons unknown from the Bede. He is 'stuck' today, and very inflexible. He yells at us, and contradicts what we say. I wonder, is he in pain? I don't think so. He tells us when he hurts. But maybe that is it.

Yesterday was tricky too. He was contrary at Mass, but not as much as today. We have a rule - no food anywhere but the kitchen or dining room. This is not a new rule, and has in fact existed for Bede's entire life. But today he is very angry about it. I had to put away his favorite box of crackers, his reaction to which you see here.

His interpersonal skills are completely unpolished. He has very functional communication abilities, but conveying a bad mood really just results in lots of yelling of NO! YOU BE QUIET! and AAAAAAUGH!